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Minimalist kitchen design and its modesty

Minimalism is by far the most influential home interior direction many clients adore and seek. And this isn’t a surprise! There are so many outstanding factors that promote this style that we all are mesmerised before it. Minimalist kitchen design has entered our homes and it is here to stay. 

Futuristic kitchen design takes a Breath Away

Futuristic designs have conquered the world and we embarked the journey as well.

Futuristic kitchen design key features:

  • On one side straight kitchen, on the other kitchen cabinets, on third storage decorative element
  • Cold but elegant atmosphere.
  • Floor Tiles in a honeycomb pattern
  • Surfaces – the combination of wooden design and white high gloss
Melbourne Kitchens
Melbourne Kitchens

Prodigiously-looking office kitchenette

Clients could easily underestimate the importance of an office kitchenette. But, we are here to highlight its enormous and impactful power on the whole working environment. Kitchens are unique areas of any object, where all paths cross. For the reason that this is the case, there are other elements that meet there as well. By making the office kitchenette self-sustaining and take-your-mind-off place, you will surely create a healthy and productive workplace.

Simple, timeless kitchen design

A kitchen can be a simple or an elaborate one. Either way, we enjoy going through the process of your kitchen renovation with you. We would like to present a timeless kitchen design. So, it represents an example of how you can blow everyone’s mind. Due to the help of modesty and a single extravagant element.

Melbourne Kitchens
Melbourne Kitchens

Traditional kitchen style

The feature that most surely sticks out and makes this kitchen so appealing is the antique double shaker door cabinetry. Adding to its beautiful and elegant simplicity white colour of cabinetry is opening the space. It is making the area to look utterly natural and warm. Shaker door cabinetry is one of the evergreen styles that can never go wrong. Furthermore, it is always the perfect choice for traditional settings. It intentionally looks simpler than others, with a slightly raised doors border, that is a large part of their appeal.  When it comes to its usefulness, it is bound to be organisationally perfect and space-efficient.

Modern Kitchen Beauty

While planning your future kitchen remodel plenty of options are at your disposal. However, some of the features you naturally can’t change and on some, you can’t influence. Most commonly it’s the space size and you deal with unalterable factor so ideas and inspirations take place there. Other features like surrounding walls and windows are the next elements that dictate the future custom-made design. That’s the point when clients seek useful kitchen properties and best kitchen organisation. Because of this very common kitchen design, we are discussing several advantages you get with U-shaped kitchen design. 

Melbourne Kitchens
Melbourne Kitchens

Spacious working area

Are you ready to go the extra mile when it comes to your custom-made kitchen renovation process? We surely are! So relax, we can provide you with almost impossible designs, such as this one. Simply spectacular and bold. A beautiful combination of materials, colours and equipment, giving a matching elegance to the space surrounding the kitchen.

Notice how even surfaces emphasize the spacious working area, where you can be the master in cooking. The proportion and setting of high cabinets are smartly used to create a modern outlook and definitively something extraordinary.

Centralised kitchen island


We tend to say that a kitchen is the centre of a home. Well, a centre can also have one its own, and most certainly it is a kitchen island. So many features define a kitchen and in that lies the beauty of a new kitchen renovation project, however, one feature makes a difference. It seems that setting a perfect kitchen island to its meant-to-be place is all Greek to many and we have some tips for you how to perform this art.

Melbourne Kitchens